Glass Enrichment

There are many ways to enrich glass, in the broadest sense of the word, "Enrich".
A simple wine-glass or glass panels in doors or window frames in your home, enriched with etched, sandblasted, Leaded Glass, etc. This type of glass enrichment is characterized by the addition of elements to the original glass and the appearance and character changes. Enrichment of  glass may, however, also relate to the repair of damage in glass. In this case, the original appearance of the glass, will be “Restored”, if possible. In this main group "Glass Enrichment " you will find two relatively simple and inexpensive methods to enrich your glass by adding new elements. Enrichment by Restoring of damaged glass will be raised briefly.

  • Glass Painting
  • Enrichment by means of Etching
  • Enrichment by means of Self Adhesive lead profile
  • Enrichment by means of Restoring Damaged Glass

Glass Painting
For painting of glass we offer the full range of Pébéo Vitrea 160 glass paint.This paint can be baked in an ordinary household oven at a temperature of 160 degrees Celsius. After baking, the paintings are dishwasser proof. With 35 Brilliant Pébéo Vitrea 160 of colors’ in Glossy, Shimmer and Frosted and with the help of Outliners, Markers and special Mediums, you will be able to make the most magnificent Glass painted objects.

Glass Etching

For etching glass we offer a wide range of products, including Etching Cream and etching templates on our website.
The etching cream is less suitable for large surfaces, as this may give a smudged  result. For etching glass panels, it is preferable to work horizontally.

Self-Adhesive Leaded designs

For applying leaded designs, we offer a wide range of Self Adhesive Profiles in  appearances like "Natural", "Antique", "Brass' etc. We will expand this range step by step.

Enrichment by Restoring

We all know the example of a damaged car windscreen. A star or put in the windshield. This can be restored, in most cases (almost) invisible. In such cases, a transparent synthetic resin will be used. In some cases it concerns scratches or stone strikes in other glass. In many cases this can be grinded and polished away. However, grinding and polishing of glass is a highly specialized and often costly matter.

If you have damaged glass, you can therefore contact