Pebeo Application

Vitrea 160 Application

30 remarkably transparent colours and 5 brand new shimmer shades for magnificent decorations on glass. Available in glossy or frosted, the Vitrea 160 colours combine professional quality and ease of use. After baking at 160 °C (325 °F) in a domestic oven, the depth of the colour is enhanced and the paints are dishwasher safe.
Applied on glass and crystal, the transparency of Vitrea 160 colours allows you to take full advantage of the light. However, Vitrea 160 can be applied on other thermo stable surfaces which can withstand a temperature of 160 °C (325 °F).

Vitrea 160 are ready to use colours.  Available in liquid, paste or felt tip markers, the Vitrea 160 colours display the same characteristics and properties. Either used alone or mixed together, you are completely free to experiment with the effects and techniques of the paints. The glossy or frosted appearance of the colours provides an infinite variety of light and shadow effects. After baking, colours are exceptionally intense and glass seems to be, coloured through and through.

To thin colours, use the Vitrea 160 thinner. Gloss and frosted medium are used to lighten the colours without changing their technical characteristics; iridescent medium, when mixed with colours, produces iridescent colours.

Before painting with Vitrea 160 , simply degrease with * alcohol or soapy water. Allow to air dry for 24 hours, than bake in an ordinary **domestic oven. Place the decorated object in a cold oven. Once the temperature has reached 160 °C (325 °F), allow to bake for 40 minutes.

For the best results, it is important that the Baking temperature actually occur at 160 °C. In confirmation of this, it is recommended to place, a Separate oven thermometer as witness, properly visible, in the oven. After baking, colours are dishwasher safe and resistant to detergents and common solvents.  Only the areas not intended to be in contact with food or mouth, must be decorated.

For a longer durability of the decoration, when washing in the dishwasher:

Place the decorated objects preferably in the upper basket, and program an eco- or rapid program.

Store Markers flatwise.

Carry out always a test before you make complex decorations.

Decorations made with Vitrea 160 Markers are washing resistant, even if not baked.

* Be careful with Alcohol. Alcohol, vaporise very quickly and is highly flammable.

** Although Vitrea 160 is characterised as “NON TOXIC”, we recommend you, in case you have baked your Vitrea 160 Paints in your domestic oven, to fire the oven, empty, for approximately 10 minutes on 220 °C or the highest temperature, before you use the oven for food processing.