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VIT 160 45ml shimmer blue

VIT 160 45ml shimmer blue


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VIT 160 45ml shimmer blue

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All Vitrea 160 colours are intermixable but not with other paints like Porcelaine 150 and can thinned with Thin Medium. Thin with water will lead to decrease of durability and dishwashing resistance.
The Vitrea 160 paints reach their optimum strength when they will be baked with 160 °C which can be done in a standard household oven.

For the optimum appearance of the magnificent Vitrea 160 colours, it is important to bake as precise as possible on this 160 °C. Therefor we recommend to place a ”Witness” Thermometer in the oven which can be read during baking, to ensure that the baking temperature is as close as possible to 160 °C.