Wet belt sander , 230 volt

Gryphon Corporation has been building high quality tools in Southern California since 1961. Gryphon invented the first saw for glass in 1976, and has been an innovator in the glass industry ever since. They have also one of the broadest lines of glass tools. Gryphon is the only company that offers all three types (Ring, Blade and Wire diamond saws), so you have the choice of the best product for your particular application.

On behalf of Gryphon Corporation USA we, Gryphon-Europe offer you the Zephyr Ring Saw, the C 40 Band Saw, the C 40 CR Custom Band Saw (for Coral Fragging). Besides these sawing machines we offer you the popular Wet Belt Sander/polisher. Of course, we keep stock of practically all spare parts for the machines mentioned above.

Wet belt sander , 230 volt
€ 845.73
Carbide Wet/Dry Sanding Belt 80 Grit Two Pack
€ 16.80
Carbide Wet/Dry Sanding Belt 120 Grit Two-Pack
€ 20.33
Carbide Wet/Dry Sanding Belt 400 Grit Two-Pack
€ 20.33
Premium Cork Belt for Final Polishing
€ 16.50
Carbide Wet/Dry Sanding Belt  800 Grit Two-Pack
€ 21.75
UK Grounded Socket Adapter
€ 8.41